The Beginning

Sub Roc is a unique deli concept, offering soups, salads, sandwiches, snacks, sundries and gourmet coffee to office buildings with as few as 800 people and up amongst the tenant base.  This means that Sub Roc can operate in as little as 500 square feet, or as many as our client’s need.  While we focus on the mid-sized office sub market, since we are from Texas where bigger is better, we have the capability to operate in large buildings, as well.  Some of our landlords have said that Sub Roc is filling a huge void in the mid-size office building deli space.


“Sub Roc fills a clear void for mid-size office buildings looking for high-quality delis.  The concept combines great food and professional design at the right price, and our tenants love it — making Sub Roc an easy choice as the deli amenity for our buildings.” Justin Segal, Chief Operating Officer, Boxer Property.


Sub Roc was founded in 2011, to take advantage of this void.  Its founders’ vision is to offer building owners and landlords a franchised option that was previously not available to them, due to the size of the buildings and the amount of people working in those buildings.  Sub Roc has created a simple menu that is easy to manage and a business plan that is easy to operate.  This produces a high-quality, consistent experience for all of our customers.  We offer a diverse menu for breakfast and lunch, and have an exclusive agreement with Lavazza Coffee to provide our customers with the ultimate deli experience.  We have the ability to operate in as little as 500 square feet to as big as our locations demand.  We even have the ability to install full-scale coffee bars in our locations.  We try and create a unique feel to our locations, and they are all meant to be a gathering place for our customers to relax, enjoy a great meal or coffee break.  We offer free Wi-Fi in all of our locations, and invite all of our customers to embrace our unique concept and offerings.

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